Hodgepodge Zines


Hodgepodge zines is a space dedicated to one-page zines! While I may create larger zines in the future, for now I'm sticking with the little guys. Each of my zines is available online and in a printable format. There are instructions for how to fold them on the printable version or there are videos you can find online. All you need is paper a printer. Scissors or a knife make it easier, but you can just tear the paper if there aren't any available! If you don't have access to a printer, most libraries offer printing services. Some aren't free, but they are often cheap.

If you do decide to print of one of my zines, first of all: THANK YOU! Second of all, I encourage you to experiment with your own one-page zines. You can make them digitally or doodle on a piece of paper. Make an exclusive single copy or photocopy your zine to share it! The world is you playground, have some fun!


Migrated a bunch of stuff to my new personal website. Have a couple zines in the works.

Added favicon

Added Otoboke Beaver

Added Custom Fonts

Added Zinester Webring to Links

Added Plant Eaters

Added The Vaccines

Added Sweet Treats

Added Mouse Facts

Website made :)
More will be added soon

Newest Zine

Otoboke Beaver
A handdrawn Otoboke Beaver band logo. It reads 2009 - present (2022) underneath.
Web || Color || B&W

Something will go here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯